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Anshi Touch offers an all-in-one solution for conference rooms, with its 4K Ultra HD crystal-clear display from 55 to 86 inches, digital whiteboard, built-in PC and wireless screen transmission, having meetings and making presentations will never be the same. 

Write and draw on ANSHI Touch with a special whiteboard pen or freehand. At the same time, you can add a variety of materials such as pictures and videos,  with the touch zoom, add pages, print and other powerful features.

Digital Whiteboard Software for Business

Annotations can be done anytime under Windows & Android

Support Captured Screen and save as record

- Sidebar Widgets providing innovative features such as timer, counter, spot light, etc

- Various writing and drawing modes with multi-media supported

- Insert different format files onto worksheet

- Meeting record can be saved as Image (JPG), Word, Powerpoint and PDF format


2-Ways Interactive Wireless Screen Mirroring

By integrating the unique "2-ways interaction" feature into our system, users can control their Mac / PC or laptop since the Anshi Touch Interactive board. Mobile phone and Tablet can also be mirroring onto the board within a simple connection.

Display maxiimum 6 devices

Annotation on mirrored contents

Two-Way Interactive

Able to control the connected computers through the touch screen of ANSHI Touch, open and operate the file in the device directly on ANSHI Touch.

Make Presentations Simple and Smooth

Connecting your Android mobile phone and interactive board

Mobile Present creates a Wi-Fi-based system for implementing interaction between mobile terminal and interactive board. With the system, you can connect the Interactive board to a Android phone, take a picture and present it on the Anshi Touch, operate the interactive board via the mobile terminal, add comments, present courseware and transmit files.

Android Mobile Present

Remote control the Anshi Touch

- Clicking, Dragging, scrolling, annotating and making

  comments on the screen through a mobile device


Wireless File Transmission

- Wirelessly transmit a file or picture from a mobile            terminal to interactive Flat panel

Enhance Demo Performance

- Remote Slide show playing, page up/down

Support all Android Devices

- You can control the ANSHI Touch through your 

  android mobile or Tablet computer

Net Meeting

A variety of input / output ports for V.C. devices and external lenses. Compatible with various video conference software.

Dual OS, Android & 4K PC

The design of dual operating systems of Windows x Android, with industry-specific software, expands applications of ANSHI Touch.

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